Former computer engineer, now multi-disciplinary artist in the Tweed-Byron region, Rose Watson, explores her passion for nature, the arts and technology, creating a unique sphere of works through combining painting, photography and digital media. 


After completing a Diploma in Visual Arts, her current series ‘Forest Remnants’, a finalist in the Gallery 7 Art Prize, is a created ‘window’ or a brief moment in time portraying a disappearing landscape. The works are abstract and realism which draws the viewer into a multi-dimensional landscape of colour and light.  The concept originated from art studies in old growth forests during an expedition to Norfolk Island. Rose says “In a world where everyone is time poor, my idea is to capture and create something beautiful that is quietly vanishing before we even notice it”.


The current series underway, ‘Coastal Remnants’, will capture the Tweed-Byron landscape and waterways.  Rose says “Living by a coastal landscape provides infinite inspiration – the constantly shifting dawn and dusk light, weather, migrating birds and tides all reveal visual cues for my ideas”. 

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